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Chimney Flue Facts

The conditions below may exist inside the chimney flue. These areas are considered inaccessible unless a specialized camera is used to locate the problems. Deteriorated linings and open cavities/separations invite creosote and/or oil residue buildup. These conditions create a dangerous environment and increase the risk of a fire and/or carbon-monoxide leakage.

The above conditions represent a significant fire and health risk.

Cost of Repair

The cost to re-line a chimney can be very expensive! Repair costs generally range from about $2000.00 to $4500.00 per flue or more!

In a Real Estate transaction, you may have the opportunity to negotiate defects that are disclosed as part of the inspection process. Consultation with your Attorney is advised to discuss all details.

Per your request, if the chimney fails the inspection, a Certified Chimney Contractor can provide an estimate for repair at no additional cost or obligation.

Remember - If you fail to inspect the Chimney, you will be accepting complete responsibility for the defect and all costs for repair. Older terra-cotta type chimneys have over an 80% chance of failure simply because of their age.

Damaged/Defective Linings

A damaged and/or defective chimney lining is considered both a fire and/or health hazard. The only way to effectively evaluate the internal elements of a chimney is to conduct an internal camera scan using very specialized equipment. Once completed, all defects are well documented in our report using digital color photographs when available (Camera Access Required). Since most defects are considered structural and may have serious safety consequences, the cost to re-line the chimney may be negotiable. Consult your attorney for all details. In any event, an internal chimney inspection must be conducted to help ensure the safety of your Family.